Benu Scent of Irises (Luminescent) Euphoria Fountain Pen

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This Benu Scent of Irises fountain pen glows beautifully in a blue and violet color after an hour exposure to light. Please accept variations in duration of glowing depending on exposure time to light, and the intensity of the light source. There are different light sources you can use for “charging” the pen to glow—natural sunlight, regular desk lamps, or LED lamps. Usually, LED lights produce a weaker glow compared to sunlight and traditional incandescent bulbs. However, avoid overheating especially when using incandescent lights and direct sunlight during “charging.” Long exposure to warm sources with strong overheating (over 50°C / 122°F) can degrade the quality of the resin. This fountain pen comes with a standard international converter and one long blue ink cartridge. You can also convert it to eyedropper fill.

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