Benu Astrogem Fountain Pens

Posted by Joseph Cortner on

The new Benu Astrogem Fountain pens are in stock. There are 7 models each uniquely designed after a famous asteroid. Benu's detailed quality and blingy-ness make these pens remarkable and unique. The nibs are #6 Schmidt stainless steel. The pen comes with a cartridge of ink and a converter. These pens are machined so well that they can easily be eyedropper filled for a massive amount of ink. All seven are in stock now. My personal favorite is the Klio. You really can't tell from the pics how much this pen sparkles. The grip section, cap lip and barrel where it comes together at the grip section all sparkle like crazy in a dimly lit room with a light nearby. Plus (for me anyway) it has purple in the barrel and cap resin!

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