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We are the host of the Orlando Pen Show. This will be our third year of this exciting event! Every year we have something new and this year we have a lot in the works. There will be over 100 tables of vendor merchandise, mostly fountain pens but also stationery and related stuff. We have a lot of classes being planned right now. I will post more on them later as we get them set up. 

We want everyone who is a pen collector, user, enthusiast to come to our show. If you are new to the hobby or an old hand, we welcome you with open arms. We give away a lot of nice door prizes. We have great classes and after-hours events. If you cannot make it to our show, I recommend you get to a pen show somewhere. There are shows all over the world. Many in the U.S. just google pen shows and you will find lists of shows and then you can click on the individual show website to see more details. Every show is different, some are larger some are smaller. Some have a large portion of one type pens or another. All of them are a great experience and a chance to meet others in the pen community.

I hope to see you at the Orlando Pen Show 2024

We will be selling our pens and products at the following shows this year:

Atlanta Pen Show- April 4 to 7, over what a Great Show! We had so much fun!

Triangle Pen Show - June 6 to 9 we are excited about this one. We will have a new helper Toni with us. Stop by to see us and meet Toni.

Pacific Northwest Pen Show- July 13 and 14, not sure if we can make it to this one but we want to. It is in the second year and I believe it will be a great one.

Miami Pen Show- July 19 to 21, This one just re-started after a year shut down. New owners from Anderillium Ink are working hard to make a good impression and we will be there with two tables of merchandise. Come see us!

DC Pen Show- Aug 1 to 4 This is the biggest of them all, we will be there with 2 tables.

Orlando- Sept 5, 6, 7 this is our show and this year for the first time we will have tables of merchandise at our own show. Now that we have Toni helping us and the Orlando Pen Club helping with the show it is now doable for us.

Our show info: Thurs Sept 5th is a pre-show and pizza party, the show opens to ticket buying public Fri the 6th and Sat the 7th. All-Access Passes, tickets, and our venue discount room rate are all available only through our website. www.orlandopenshow.com

Note: Pen shown is a beautiful, limited edition Omas Ogiva made just for the Orlando Pen Show last year.

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