Orlando has a Pen Club!

Posted by Joseph Cortner on

Orlando has a Pen Club and WOW it has become very popular very quickly! Thanks to the efforts of Steve and TeAnte this has become an incredible fun monthly event. It has been held at several locations including Sam Flax Orlando, the Orange County Library, at pen maker Abigail Markov's home and at a winery and at restaurants. We have consistently had 20 or more people show up including several local pen makers. At the last meeting some of us met up at The Drunken Monkey Coffee shop before and after the club meeting. In total I spent 6 hours with the club and it was so much fun I didn't realize the time. The June meeting is a cookout and bring a dish get together at a private outdoor park. If you live in the Central Florida area and enjoy pens this club is for you. We have a "Slack" channel for communicating about pens, meets, inks, handwriting, the Orlando Pen Show, off topics and more. The channel is very active. The members of the club are such a nice friendly group. I look forward to every meet up. Special thanks to Sam Flax Orlando for your support!





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