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The Triangle Pen Show has a special place for me as it was the first pen show I ever attended. It was 2017 I started fountain pen using in 2012, but really didn't fall deep down the rabbit hole until this show. I had no idea that this whole pen community thing existed. I met and befriended some of the old school pen people who welcomed a newbie. I met pen repair people, the show organizer and other people well known in the pen world. Speaking of "Pen World" this was also my first introduction to the magazine we all know and love. I won a $200 Bexley fountain pen door prize, I was hooked! I spent way more money than I planned, my wife and I really enjoyed the people so much! Terry who runs the show and also the Ohio show later became a mentor to me. I went on to start the Orlando Pen Show. 

The Triangle show is coming up next. It will be June 6 to 9. This is one of about 18 shows in the U.S. and one of our favorites. We will be there with two tables of fountain pens, inks and more to sell. Toni and Ruben who we met through the Orlando Pen Club will be coming with us and Toni will be helping us sell. If you get to the show, please come by and welcome Toni. Every year my friend Jose comes to the show, and we go to this fabulous local Cuban restaurant. I look forward to my friend and the great Cuban food. The Raleigh show is always a lot of fun. Pen shows are about pens, true enough but it's really about the people. The people make it fun. Hope to see you in Raleigh!

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